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Sawasdee Khrap!

There is an ancient Chinese proverbs which says, “If you are given a gift of great value, it is your obligation to share it with as many people as you can”. was started as an experiment to test the importance of blogging and at the same time to capitalize on its rising popularity a few years back.

Fast forward to the present, it was indeed a move well worth my time. There were lots of valuable and priceless information learned from the experience. Things like php, mySQL, SEO (white hat), html, copy writing, cascading style sheets, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, hosting, Google marketing, internet marketing, permission marketing, templates modifications, social networks, pings, back-linking etc…

All these, though I cannot really classify myself as an expert or specialist, I can say that I could get my way around  enough to deliver what is required of me.

But thank you for allowing me to share this gift of information to you.

So what’s next?

Writing definitely! Yes, this is the area that I really want to improve myself at. Once I get better in it, definitely it will be a whole new ball park for me. So expect more (we still have a long way to go) regular, useful and as much as possible all original articles…at least we’ll try. “We” being myself and Hedda (Madam H) of is coaching me with my writings. Plus she’s responsible for most of the useful materials here so far.

By the way, my name is Jose Tan, I am a Bangkok based Pseudo Freelance Photographer and a site tinkerer. My friends call me “Master J” as we used to drink liters of Master B l e n d (not proud of it) while on the sides fiddling with A site that I have been taking care of for 10 years now (Yes, time flies so fast). Also, I’d say that aside from driving and photography, I admit to enjoy coaching a basketball team a lot. I’ve been fortunate to have coached several of the best Filipino basketball players  in Thailand. Without a doubt, they are the thousands reasons behind at least a couple of championships titles that we have.

So much for all of these bruhaha. Behind all of these, I get my inspiration from my two kids Tyra (8 y.o.) and Tyrone (4 y.o.).

Please feel free to contact me for comments, collaborations, publications, site modifications and don’t forget your Portrait, Events and Fashion photography needs. Or better yet, subscribe to to get updates.

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